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Jewelry for Attitude Adjustment

April 1st, 2022

It’s that time of the year when we reflect, make resolutions, renew our promise to complete projects, choose a diet and try to be kind to ourselves. So, how does that happen? Well, I think it starts with being kind to ourselves and focusing on the good things rather than the bad. Here is my simplistic theory for why jewelry can influence our attitude.

As a brand new school teacher, many years ago, I encouraged my students to practice positive thinking and visualize themselves completing their assignments. In the 70′s that was probably a radical idea, but I knew from personal experience that it worked. I recall one of my students questioning me about how this could possibly work, because it sounded too easy. Since this sounded so easy, why didn’t more people just do it? Probably because it is too simple. Simple to say, but not to actually practice. It would seem that the theory of putting on a piece of jewelry and having it change our attitude is along the same line of positive thinking. Perhaps, but let’s pursue the rationale before considering the trial.

As a young girl on a farm in Nebraska, I admired my Mother’s few pieces of jewelry. She had mostly costume jewelry and it was worn only when she attended church or went shopping or to a few church meetings. Even then, it seemed her facial expression changed when she put on a necklace and earrings and looked in the mirror. I liked that change in her posture and attitude. When I would visit my grandmother, who had many lovely pieces of jewelry, she would indulge my interest in “playing dress up” with her colorful baubles and for a few minutes I would experience the pleasure of seeing myself transformed in the mirror. At that point in my life, each piece of jewelry had a story, an imaginary character I would become when I wore the jewel. Child’s play, yes, but practice for the woman to come.

Being in love with my best friend, soulmate, husband and lover for 42 years and enjoying his generous spirit for those years, taught me many things. Actually, I didn’t fully realize I was learning life lessons and some of them I would rather not have learned so painfully. When he was only 61, he died. Life as I knew it ended. I was left with the memories and collections of two passionate people who loved life and loved each other. One of the things he perpetuated was my “joy of beautiful jewelry”. Ok, he spoiled me. Now those pieces of jewelry have even more meaning to me. So, how does this pertain to attitude adjustment? Every day is “dress up” day for me. Even if I’m planning to stay home, I know I will feel better and be present in the moment, if I put on lipstick and some jewelry. As I catch my reflection in a mirror, the jewelry is part of the picture and will hold my attention.

So, does the choice of what jewelry item to wear, influence the outcome? Yes, I think it does. Making a conscious choice about what jewelry you wear for the day, the hour, or the event, requires you to engage in determining the outcome. Perhaps you have a favorite or something that compliments your outfit or mood, or a piece that just doesn’t get worn often. Trust your instincts. If I’m planning to be working at the computer a lot, I will choose several rings to wear, which give added zest to my “clicking keys”. Yes, it is delightful to be surrounded by beautiful things. As a matter of fact, the perfect time to watch that lovely ring dancing over the keyboard, is when writing an EzineArticle.